Top 10 Reasons to Join the PTA

10. It's a great way to meet other families with children the age as your own.

9.  We have FUN! The PTA strives to make your volunteering experience as stress free as possible.

8. You get to help raise money and volunteer for a great cause- your children's education.

7.  You can create, plan, and execute fun events for the whole school!

6.  Volunteering for your school is rewarding! Seeing the children's eyes sparkle with  excitement, no better feeling.


5.  We're not all about fundraising and money, we're about parent involvement and cohesion to bring our school community closer.

4.  PTA is flexible!  We know time is of the essence to many, we'll incorporate a schedule that works for you.

3.  Get to personally know teachers, staff, and principal of the school.

2.  The PTA makes a difference!  We step in where administration can't and get our voices heard through numerous channels.

1.  The most important reason to join the PTA, WE NEED YOU!  Volunteers in numbers means more programs for our children.

Join Today!

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