The Iowa Congress of Parents and Teachers (Iowa PTA) is a member of the National PTA. It is a volunteer organization with more than 9,000 members, over 160 local units, and four council units state-wide. The Iowa PTA Office is located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and is served by an executive director. The Iowa PTA is run by a group of elected officers and appointed chairmen. It holds regularly scheduled meetings that are open to the public. The Iowa PTA conducts a state-wide convention each spring to conduct business, approve changes, and to train and inspire members. A leadership conference is held each fall to train local unit leaders and to update members on current issues. The Iowa PTA is an active grassroots advocate for issues concerning the health, education, and safety of children and youth. The Iowa PTA collaborates with other organizations across the state to improve the well-being and future of all children. 

Our mission statement can be found here.

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